Friday, July 11, 2008

Captain Moroni, Children's Friend

Copy and Color flannel board pictures (below)

And it came to pass that thousands did flock unto his standard … in the defence of their freedom (Alma 62:5).

“Captain Moroni,” Friend, Aug. 1992, 5I can be reverent by showing respect, honor, and love for my leaders and friends.

Righteous people rallied around their leader, Captain Moroni, when he waved the standard of liberty.

Read: Alma 60:1, 7; Alma 61:1–3; Alma 62:1–6
Instructions: Remove this page from the magazine, color the figures, and mount them on heavy paper; then cut out the figures and glue pieces of flannel on the backs. Read the scriptures listed, then retell the Book of Mormon story using the figures.

Click to View Larger FormatIllustrated by Beth M. Whittaker
Optional: Figures may also be enlarged, mounted on cardboard, and affixed to sticks.