Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Harried Harriet and the Germinator

This fun LDS Skit by Kate Myers is great to teach about order and cleanliness. You can use it for any LDS activity including Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment, Young Women, or as part of a Family Home Evening lesson. It's full of laughs too!

· Open and print the skit in the pdf file below. There are five cast members so you will probably want to print a copy for each person.
· Assign people to each part.
· Make handouts, or print copies of the last page of the pdf file, to give out after the skit.

LDS Skit: Harried Harriet and the Germinator (Small PDF file, link below)

· Narrator
· Harried Harriet (typical busy mom)
· Germinator (man dressed like a "swamp monster")
· Clean Queen (woman wearing apron, cleaning tools, has duster, rubber gloves, etc.)
· Neat-Nick Organizer (woman dressed in business suit, pencil behind ear, etc.)

Harriet: "You’ve been very helpful, Clean Queen, but I have to confess that it’s not just getting rid of germs that’s the problem. It’s running kids to all their events, keeping up with schedules, doing all the things I’m supposed to, and never having enough time. Some days I feel so overwhelmed, I just want to hide under the covers!"Clean Queen: "Oh, you poor thing!" (Reaches out and feels her forehead.) "You’ve got a very severe case of O-M-S."Harriet: "Oh no! What’s O-M-S?"Clean Queen: "Overwhelmed-Mother-Syndrome. It’s very contagious. I think you need to talk to my sister."

To print the scit, click on this link: