Thursday, October 2, 2008


Author: Tina Felt

Main Idea:
Reverence is a special feeling of love and respect that should be reflected in actions, words, and attitudes.

“Children are not born with the concepts which produce reverence, nor can these concepts be matured in them suddenly…. But by and large, children in their early years and most of them in later years will be just about as reverent as they are trained to be, and no more.”

Opening Song:
Reverently, Quietly

Opening Prayer:

Have you ever thought what it means to be reverent? Reverence is a special feeling of Respect and Love. It is a feeling close to our Heavenly Father. It is caring about others, showing respect for them and being courteous to them. When we love our Heavenly Father, our families, friends, leaders, and teachers, we will respect them. We show our special feeling of love and respect for others by REVERENCE. When we listen to our parents, teachers, and leaders and do what they want us to do because we respect and love them, we are being reverent, as Heavenly Father expects us to be.

Poem: REVERENCE, find it down below. (Have members of the family hold up the different letters as the poem is being recited either by a parent or an older child who can read and take part.)

Our chapel is a sacred place where we should be reverent and show respect to our Heavenly Father. A sacred place is a holy place, a place where Heavenly Father’s spirit may be felt.
Happy and Sad Chapels: Hold up the picture of a sad chapel and ask your children what this is a picture of. Tell them that :
1. This is a picture of a sad chapel.
2. The children in this chapel were very noisy
3. They didn’t sign the songs well at all
4. Some children talked without raising their hands
5. A lot of the children came late
6. There was talking during the prayer
7. The children in this chapel didn’t show love and respect for our Father in Heaven

Hold up the picture of the happy chapel and ask your children what this is a picture of. Tell them that:
1. This is a picture of a happy chapel
2. The children were quiet during their meetings
3. Everyone was reverent
4. All of the children sang their songs well
5. No one whispered to their neighbors
6. The children sat quietly in their chairs
7. The children folded their arms and closed their eyes during the prayer
8. They walked quietly in the halls
9. They showed their Heavenly Father how much they loved and respected Him through their reverent actions.
Which one of these chapels do we have? Let’s all try to make our chapel a happy chapel.

“One of the most Christ-like qualities we ought to develop is reverence, an attitude that shows how we feel about Heavenly Father and the things He has asked us to do… Reverence is more than just being quiet. It is a spiritual communication between us and our Father in Heaven. When we are reverent, we don’t do anything that reflects negatively upon the Lord or His Church.” Vaugh J. Featherstone

Reverence is a special feeling that helps us feel near to Heavenly Father and makes us want to show by our actions, words, and attitudes how much we love him.

Closing Song: Father, I will Reverent Be

Closing Prayer:

Refreshments: Frosted animal cookies with ice cream.

Use cards with each letter to spell reverence and have the children hold each card as they give the poem.

R: Reverence is true respect
For Jesus whom we love.
And for this chapel where we meet
To worship him above.

E: Each child should come in quietly
No push, nor jump, nor run,
But be polite and orderly
Until the meetings done.

V: Very softly we should speak
And yet distinct and clear
The soft sweet tones of children
Our Savior likes to hear.

E: Every child should fold his arms
And while the prayer is said
Should close his eyes and listen
And always bow his head.

R: Remember, little children,
Be courteous and true,
Be kind to one another
For, this is reverence too

E: Enter here with happy thoughts
But don’t be rough and loud
For Jesus loves a smiling face
But not a noisy crowd.

N: Neat and tidy we should be
With faces shining bright
And if our thoughts are clean and pure
We’ll always do what’s right.

C: Cleanliness is reverence
Let’s try in all we do
To keep the chapel neat and clean
Now and the whole week through.

E: Everyone should reverent be
In every act and word
When we are in the Savior’s house,
The chapel of the Lord.