Saturday, June 20, 2009

Avoiding Evil

Author: Marika @

Object Lesson Games

You will need a spice container (I used a jar of poppy seeds.) and a smooth table for this game. Give each person as many turns as you desire. The object is to slide the jar across the table and get it as close to the edge as possible without it falling off. Next, you need a magnet (I used some from our magnetix toy.) and a small metal object, such as a metal ball, or another magnetix piece. Place the magnet on the table. Give the person the metal object. The goal is to roll or slide the metal object as close as possible to the magnet without getting caught in the magnetic pull and sucked in to the magnet.

The Lesson Learned
In the first game, teach that it is easiest to keep from falling off the table by staying towards the center of the table, just like it is easiest to keep from sin if we keep the Savior as the center of our lives.

The second game demonstrates the way in which Satan works. He will entice you to come a little closer, come a little closer, until you are caught in his magnetic pull and he ensares you. Again the best choice is to draw near to Jesus and stay there. The closer you get to the sin that Satan wants you to do, the easier it is for him to entice you further away from the Lord.

Here's an outline of a little story that demonstrates this principle well. You can add a few embellishments using your own words to make the story a little more realistic and fun. This summary was taken from here. "A stagecoach company owner who was looking for a new driver. He asked how they would approach a dangerous curve. The first two applicants said they would get as close to the edge as possible without toppling over. The final driver said, "I'm going to stay as far from the edge as I can." This man was hired, because the owner trusted him to carry the precious cargo of his wife and children around the curve safely."

Draw near unto Christ
How do we do this? One way is through making the scriptures a strong part of our lives. Here's a scripture trivia game to play. Use masking tape to mark off 3 sections on the floor or table. The first section is worth 2 points, the second 4 points, and the third 6 points. Divide the family into two teams. Team members can choose easy questions or hard questions. Young family members earn 3 points for easy questions. Other family members earn 1 point for easy, 5 points for hard. Once the team member has answered the question, they can earn additional points for their team by tossing a pom pom into one of the marked off sections. (You get to do this even if you miss the question answer.) Play to a certain point amount, certain number of questions, or until you are tired of the game. Here is a site to get some harder questions. Type Book of Mormon trivia questions in to a google or yahoo search and you will get a lot of sites to find more questions. Here are a few easier questions.

The Gadianton ________?
Nephi’s Mother?
The tree of _________?
What were Nephi & Bros supposed to do the first time they went back to Jerusalem?
The B.o.M. contains writings of prophets T/F
What’s the Liahona
Who translated B.o.M.
Jesus visited the Americas T/F
Who cut off arms of Lamanites while tending sheep?
Name one person who got his head cut off?
What is the title of liberty?
What is something that happened in America when Jesus was born?
Name a wicked king
Name a righteous king
Who really took the Lamanites daughters that were dancing?
Tell the story of the brother of Jared
Name the second book in the book of mormon
Name the last book in the book of mormon
Lehi’s youngest son?
4 sons of Mosiah?
Alma 28:13
2 Nephi 28:19-22
John 14:6 Scripture Song
Teach Me to Walk in the Light