Sunday, August 16, 2009

Trying to Get to Heaven

1- A bag of marshmellows, large ones
2- Scriptures

Opening Song:
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus

Ether 1:33

(As you read this story or tell in your own words, begin making a tower out of marshmellows, eventually when it gets tall enough it will fall)

Jared and his brother lived in a place called Babel. Many people who did not worship Heavenly Father and did things that were bad lived there as well. Those people decided that they wanted to get to heaven and the best way for them to do this was to build a tower.

The people began to build this tower one brick at a time. As they built the tower, it made the Lord very angry. The Lord changed the language of every person who worked on the tower. This way they could not understand each other or finish the tower. The tower eventually fell apart b ecause it wasn't finished.

Jared and his brother were good and obeyed the teachings of the Lord. Because of this the Lord spared Jared and his brother and did not change their language.

1- Why was the tower built?
2- How did the Lord feel about this?
3- What happened to those who built the tower?

Heavenly Father blesses his children when we do what we are supposed to and obey him. In order to get to heaven and see Him again, we must obey him.

Marshmallow Taffy
1- Wash your hands.
2- Get 2-3 large marshmallows. Small ones work also, but you need to use more and they are harder to work with.
3- Put the marshmallows into your hand and begin to rip them up and push them together.
4- Keep working them in motions that mix and mash at the same time.
5- Keep working it until it is smooth and free of any little lumps from the marshmallows original form.
6- After your mixture is smooth, you can eat it right of your hand


TheReadFam said...

just found this blog. love it. thanks!

Erin said...

Thanks for all the work you do in putting this together. You make everything so easy!

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Sarah B said...

I will be using this lesson plan tonight for my little boys. You're the best! Thanks.

Sherami said...

We did this for FHE tonight with our 3 year old. He loved it! We made S'mores afterward. Thanks for the great idea!

Nishant said...

love it. thanks!
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