Sunday, November 1, 2009

Learning to Obey the Lord

FHE Lesson exchange, author unknown

1- Gather items to make banana splits (bananas, chocolate sauce, ice cream, ect)
2- Scriptures

Nephi's Courage

Turn to 1 Nephi 17-18

Tell the story of Nephi building the boat; One day the Lord told Nephi to build a boat to carry him and his family to the promised land. Nephi didn't know how to make a boat, but he made tools and trusted in the Lord that he would be able to do it.

His brothers Laman and Lemuel didn't believe the Lord told Nephi to build this boat, so they refused to help. Nephi told them that they should repent and obey Heavenly Father because he knew the Lord would help them if they were humble. This made Laman and Lemuel very angry, and they tried to throw Nephi into the sea, but the power of the Lord was with them. The Lord told Nephi to touch Laman and Lemuel, and when he touched them, the Lord shook them so they knew without a doubt, that the Lord was helping Nephi. Nephi then told them to repent and obey the Lord and their parents.

Because they were afraid, Laman and Lemuel repented and helped Nephi build the boat. When Nephi needed help, he asked the Lord, and the Lord helped him and taught him how to build the boat. Finally, the boat was finished.

The family loaded the boat and climbed aboard. For many days the wind blew them towards the promised land. The Laman and Lemuel and Ishmael's sons got angry with Nephi because Nephi told them once again to obey the Lord. They tied Nephi with roped and wouldn't let him go. Because Laman and Lemuel were so wicked, the Liahonna stopped working and they didn't know which way to go.

Lehi, Sariah and Nephi's wife and children begged Laman and Lemuel to untie Nephi, but they would not listen. Because of their wickedness, a storm blew the ship backwards for three days. On the fourth day the storm became very bad, and the ship almost sank. Laman and Lemuel were afraid for their lives, and they knew the Lord was angry with them, so they untied Nephi. Nephi picked up the Liahonna and it worked again, pointing the way towards the promised land.

Nephi prayed and the storm stopped. Then they were able to sail the ship to the promised land following the Liahonna.

Ask you children the following questions:

1- Why did Nephi build the boat?
2- How did Nephi build the boat?
3- What did Laman and Lemuel say to Nephi when they say him building the boat?
4- What happened when they tried to throw Nephi into the sea?
5- Does the Lord protect those who are doing good for him?
6- What did Laman and Lemuel do to Nephi on the ship?
7- What happened when they untied him?

Explain to your children that Heavenly Father blesses us when we do what we are supposed to. Just like he blessed and protected Nephi.

Coloring page

Make banana split "boats"

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