Friday, July 11, 2008

Strippling Warriors, Children's Friend: July 1992

"Army of Heleman"

They did think more upon the liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lives (Alma 56:47).

“Stripling Warriors,” Friend, July 1992, 5I can be reverent by showing respect, honor, and love for my parents and family.

The 2,000 faithful young warriors honor their mothers’ teachings and defend their families.
Read: Alma 53:10–21; Alma 56:47–49

Instructions: Remove this page from the magazine, color the figures, and mount them on heavy paper; then cut out the figures and glue pieces of flannel on the backs. Read the scriptures listed, then retell the Book of Mormon story using the figures.

Click to View Larger FormatIllustrated by Beth Whittaker
Optional: Figures may also be enlarged, mounted on cardboard, and affixed to sticks.


Lynsey said...

Hi! What a great blog!! Thank you very much for providing so much material!! I am trying to print out the clip art from the strippling warriors and I cant seem to link up to it. Am I doing something wrong?