Friday, July 11, 2008

What Does the Book of Mormon Teach Us?, author: Lisa's Art Page (somethings altered to fit our family better)

Print and cut the answers of what the Book of Mormon does for us into strips and put them on colored paper.

Hide them and have the children find them and bring them up and put them on the board while you read them.

1. It warns us of danger.
2. It tells us to obey God and keep his commandments.
3. It teaches us that the Book of Mormon comes from God.
4. It gives us hope (when the world is full of bad things.)
6. It was written by prophets for to help us come unto Christ.
7. It teaches what people must fight for.
8. It tells that Satan is real and what he does to try to make us do bad things.
9. It tells us how to use our money for good.
10. It tells us of Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice and why we take the sacrament.
11. It tells us of the plain and precious truths of the gospel
12. It informs us of the gathering of the house of Israel in the last days.
13. It tells us of how to do missionary work and why.
14. It warns us and teaches us how to be good people.
15. It teaches that the scriptures bless us and are more valuable than money, gold or diamonds.
16. It teaches us how to be happy by doing the things Jesus wants us to do.

Tell the story of Nephi and his brothers trying to obtain the brass plates in your own words or with the help of children's readers. (Don't make family home evening too long for small children. They enjoy hide and seek games, and stories.) You can have them dress and act out the story or make paper figures and put them on Popsicle sticks or back them with flannel so they have a reference.

Show a picture of the prophet. Explain to them how important it is to follow the prophet and listen to his guidance. We have been asked in General conference to read the Book of Mormon as a family. Let them know that you love the prophet, and the Lord, and that you will obey. And tell them you will be reading each day at a certain time.


Anonymous said...

Our Bishop this past week asked us as families to start reading the BOM if we were not already doing so.

This is a great FHE for us to teach what/why our Bishop wants us to do!

Thank you! :)

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