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Cleanliness in Our Home

1. Purchase supplies to make a family job chart. There is one listed in the pictures if you want to print that out. In our family, I made job charts, Olsten Cents and bought some items that our children were wanting to purchase as incentives for the job chart. See pictures.
2. Copy/print graphics
Opening Song:
When Were Helping Were Happy

Doctrine and Covenants 88:119

Discuss how everyone feels when our home is clean. Show picture of the temple and/or chapel. Ask your children if they have ever gone to church to find that the building was dirty and filthy. What would happen if those who were supposed to clean the church forgot? What spirit do you think would be in a place like that? How would you feel having to listen to your Primary teachers when things are messy?
Read Doctrine and Covenants 132:8. Then ask your children the following questions:
1. Why does the Lord require His house to be in order?
2. How can beauty and cleanliness add to order in the Lord's house?
3. How do you think what the Lord is saying can apply to our home?
The Happy Home, April 4, 2003, author: Jennifer Lieberenz
During family home evening one night, Joey's (g1) family decided to make a list of household jobs. Mom and dad (g2) seemed to be doing most of the work, and that just didn't seem fair. So they thought this would be a good way to have everyone help and learn how to take ccare of the house. And it would be fun!! Everyone would have a responsibility, something they needed to do, or the house would not look good and clean like it did now.

After playing a fun game, everyone sat down and tried to think of jobs that had to be done everyday --(g3) the dishes, laundry, vacuuming, the yard, etc. The dad said, "Okay, here is how this will work. Everyone take a few minutes to think about your schedules -- school work, sports, etc. Then pick a chore that you feel you can do and write it on the paper I gave to you."
Everyone thought and then quietly wrote their choices down. (g4) Since Emily was the youngest, only three, she was able to choose first. She choose the dishes. Then Rachel, eleven, chose vacuuming and laundry. Joey, who was eight, chose the yard. He loved being outside in the fresh air, and dad said he would mow the lawn for him. So the rest seemed pretty easy.

After everyone else picked their chores, they made a job chart(g5), with the jobs on one side and spaces on the other to write in the name of those who picked them. Then mom said, "Now that you have chosen, you will keep your chores for one week. at our next family home evening, we will get together again and see how you did. dad and I will ask for your opinion on how you did, then tell you how we thought it went."
The next day after school, Joey (g1) was excited. He went outside and started his yard work right away. His mom and dad had never entrusted him with such a big shore before!! He pulled a few weeds and threw them in the trash. But then he saw his buddy, Chris, and decided to play until dinnertime. There was always plenty of time to do yard work!

After dinner, he stayed inside and watched TV (g6). He forgot to finish the weeds.

On Wednesday night, Joey's dad (g2) got out of the car and looked around the yard. (g8)The weeds were getting pretty high, there were old newspapers lying around, it looked like someone had thrown some dirt on the driveway, and the trashcans were still down the street. He shook his head, a little disappointed, and started to pull the cans up to the house. But then he remembered what he and mom had talked about. If they did the chores instead of the person assigned, no one would learn how important it is to help out. So he picked up his briefcase and went into the house.

(g7) By Friday, the weeds were higher and the trashcans were still be the street. Joey's dad asked Joey to come outside with him. He asked Joey to close his eyes and imagine what the yard looked like the last Friday (g7). Then he told Joey to open his eyes and asked him to look at how the yard looked at that moment. Joey looked around, frowned, and hung his head.
"Well, it doesn't look very good. As a matter of fact, it looks yucky," Joey said. "It is kind of embarrasing."

"Yep, it is. I am glad you can see that. If you look at the house, it looks kind of sad doesn't it? What happened?" his dad asked.

"I guess I forgot to do my chore, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did. And when you forget to do your part, things don't look quite right. We all have to do the jobs we chose, in order for our house and family to be happy. Would you like me to help you get caught up?"

"Oh, yes!" Joey exclaimed. He and his dad did the whole yard the next morning, and it looked wonderful. It looked like a happy home (g8).

At family home evening, when it was his turn to report, Joey said, "I didn't do a very good job this week. I forgot my chore, and the yard looked real yucky by Friday. Then dad had to help me clean it up. I learned that we all have to do our job to help make our home happy and looking nice. So I have decided that this week, I want to do the yard again. And this time, I will do it right!!"
Joey's dad put his arm around him and everyone smiled (g4).

Have everyone help create a family job chart. For my children, we also made Olsten Cents. They were paid 1 Olsten Cent for each day the chores were complete. They could also earn more money throughout the day for behavior and helping mommy. On pay days, they were able to purchase something out of our store with their money. It has taught them an important lesson on the value of money and working for what you want.

Smiley Face Cupcakes
Make cupcakes from any box mix. Purchase M&M's, red vines and gum drops. Decorate each cupcake with the items to make a smiley face.


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