Thursday, July 31, 2008

Temples Are a Sign of the True Church

FHE exchange; author unknown

Purpose: To help family members to know that the Lord has provided temples on the earth when the true church has been on the earth.

Preparation: Sugar Cube Temple Activity
Need: sugar cubes (50 cubes/person), paper plates to build the temples on, Royal

Opening Song: I Love to See The Temple

Read D&C 124:31
"I command you, all ye my saints, to build a house unto me."

Whenever there have been righteous people upon the earth, the Lord has commanded them to build temples. From the time of Adam to the present day, temples have been places of sacred worship. Temples have been erected in all ages.

MOSES built a tabernacle, a sort of portable temple, in the wilderness for the children of Israel.
SOLOMON built a magnificent temple in Jerusalem.
THE NEPHITES built sacred temples.
JOSEPH SMITH built houses of the Lord in Kirtland and Nauvoo.
LATER PROPHETS have built temples throughout the world.

These temples have all been built under the direction of God.

The Jewish people have looked forward to the return to the earth of the prophet Elijah, as promised by the prophet Malachi. Each year faithful Jews observe a Passover feast at which they leave a door open so that Elijah might come in and celebrate with them.

"It was on the third day of April, 1836," said President Joseph Fielding Smith, "that the Jewish people, in their homes at the Passover feast, opened their doors for Elijah to enter. (However), on that very day Elijah did enter - not in the home of the Jews, but he appeared in the House of the Lord."

Discuss how God's temples throughout history are alike - all houses of the Lord, all have sacred ordinances performed in them, etc. - and how they are different- opened courtyards versus closed buildings, ordinances performed for the living as well as the dead.

Throughout time people have gone to the temple to perform ordinances and prepare themselves for eternity. Everything in the temple points Latter-day saints to Jesus Christ and their eternal life with Him, their Heavenly Father and their family members on the condition of faithfulness to His teachings.

In conclusion, there is a quote from Brother Koelliker that sums up the purpose of the temple. "The purpose of temples is to help us understand where we came from before we were born, why we are here on earth, and where we intend to be after we leave this earthly experience. It's all about the process of helping us try to be more like Jesus Christ."

Craft Project:
Sugar Cube Temples

Instructions: "Glue" the sugar cubes together with the icing. It will take a few hours for the temples to dry completely. Let each person make up their own temple design, or look at a picture to do a modern day temple.

Royal Frosting:
3 egg whites (room temperature) 4 cups Sugar Confectioners
1/2 teas cream of tarter

Beat for 7-10 minutes. It is important to beat the frosting that long. The
frosting will harden so only make one batch at a time. Put the frosting in
sandwich bags, then cut off one corner to use as a decorating bag.

Pudding in a Cloud
Instructions: Put whipped topping in a bowl. Make a spot in the middle to add your family's favorite pudding. Chill and serve.


Ellice Miles said...

I love the sugar cube idea- I'm definately doing it for our FHE tomorrow night!

Thank you- your blog is an inspiration! x x

Anonymous said...

has anyone ever tried this with Elmer's glue? If so, does it work?

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