Thursday, January 29, 2009

Give Them A Heart Attack

1. Copy and cut the clip art (enough for 5-10 hearts per child)
2. Picture of your family.

SCRIPTURE: Mosiah 4:15
"But ye will teach them to walk in the ways of truth and soberness; ye will teach them to love one another, and to serve one another."

Heavenly Father gave each one of us a loving family. Take a look at our family photo. Could you imagine if one member of our family was missing? (Wait for their responses) We are meant to be with the parents, brothers and sisters we have.

Sometimes it is easy to get angry with our family. When we do this a dark cloud is placed over our home. Heavenly Father is sad when we argue, fight, lie, and talk back to our parents. He wants us to have a bright and cheery home and lots of love for each other.

Give each child a stack of hearts. Have them pick a family member to give a heart attack to. On the hearts either draw or write things that that family member has done to show love at home. When you are done, tape all of the hearts to the bedroom doors as a reminder for the week of what they can and have done to make a positive impact on your family.

Vanilla ice cream covered in strawberry or raspberry sauce with mini Hersey Kisses on top.


Deb said...

I had never thought to do this for FHE! What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing your creativity. . .lot of lessons just went into my favorites file!

Amanda said...

Just found your blog, fun ideas. Thanks :)

Amy Weiland said...

Found your blog through Chris that you have it all on here. Thanks for sharing it with us!!

Anne Bradshaw said...

Love your ideas on this blog. Thanks for sharing. I'm an FHE fan through and through!

By the way, I have a super give-away contest running this week (and every week) on my LDS blog at Not Entirely British

This time, the prize is a copy of Dr. Wally Goddard's latest book, "Soft-Spoken Parenting."