Monday, February 16, 2009

I Will Go and Do

Families in Zion, some things changed to fit our family

To help family members better understand the blessings that come from being obedient

Envelopes for treasure hunt
Story, The King’s Emerald (below)
Paper for clues
A treat for the treasure hunt

“Nephi’s Courage” page 120 in Children’s Songbook

1. Pre-lesson preparation:
a. Prepare and hide the envelopes (see Treasure Hunt Preparation below)
b. Hide the treasure
2. Share the story, The King’s Emerald (below)
a. Ask your family, “Why was Rupert able to find the king’s emerald?” (He
was obedient)
3. Using Book of Mormon Stories (chapter 4) or the Book of Mormon Stories DVD
(or in your own words) tell the story of Nephi and his brothers going back to
Jerusalem to get the plates of brass.
a. Tell your family to listen closely because it will help them solve the
questions for the treasure hunt.
4. Treasure Hunt:
a. Tell your children that they are going to have a chance to find a special
treasure, but the only way is to be obedient like Nephi and follow the
b. Explain that there are five envelopes that contain clues. If they answer the
question on the outside of each envelope they can open it and read what’s
inside. Inside each envelope are instructions to able to find the next
envelope. (Parents can adapt the questions and the clues according to the
situation and the age of the children.)
c. Give them Envelope #1.
5. Testify that if we are always obedient to what the Lord asks we shall be happy
and blessed.

The King’s Emerald
Rupert stood by the side of the road watching an unusual number of people hurry
past. At length he recognized a friend. 'Where are all of you going in such a hurry?' he
The friend paused, 'Haven't you heard?' he said.
'I've heard nothing,' Rupert answered.
'Well,' continued his friend, 'the King has lost his royal emerald! Yesterday he
attended a wedding of the nobility and wore the emerald on the slender golden chain
around his neck. In some way the emerald became loosened from the chain. Everyone is
searching, for the King has offered a reward of ten pieces of gold to the one who finds it.
Come, we must hurry.
'But I cannot go without asking grandmother,' faltered Rupert.
'Then I cannot wait. I want to find the emerald,' replied his friend.
Rupert hurried back to the cabin at the edge of the woods to seek his
grandmother's permission. 'If I could find it we could leave this hut with its dampness
and buy a piece of land up on the hillside,' he pleaded with grandmother.
But his grandmother shook her head. 'What would the sheep do,' she asked.
'Already they are restless in the pen, waiting to be taken to the pasture and please do not
forget to take them to water when the sun shines high in the heavens.'
Sorrowfully, Rupert took the sheep to the pasture and at noon he led them to the
brook in the woods. There he sat on a large stone by the stream. 'If I could only have had
a chance to look for the King's emerald,' he thought.
Turning his head to gaze down at the sandy bottom of the brook, suddenly he
stared into the water. What was it? It could not be! He leaped into the water, and his
gripping fingers held something that was green with a slender bit of gold chain. 'The
King's emerald!' he shouted. It must have been flung from the chain when the King was
crossing the bridge, on the highway, and the water washed it here. With shining eyes
Rupert ran to his grandmother's hut to tell her of his great find.
'Bless you, my boy,' she said, 'but you never would have found it if you had not
been doing your duty, herding the sheep.'
And Rupert knew that this was the truth (Ensign, Nov 1999, 49).

Envelope #1:
 On the outside of the envelope – “What was Nephi told to go and do?” (Bring
back the brass plates)
 On the inside – “When we are obedient the Lord will answer our prayers. Look
for your next clue where you usually say your prayers.”
Envelope #2:
 On the outside of the envelope – “Who asked Nephi to go back and get the plates
– Lehi or the Lord?” (The Lord)
 On the inside – “When we are obedient to the Lord and keep the commandments
we will be washed of all our sins. Look for your next clue in a place where our
family washes.”
Envelope #3:
 On the outside of the envelope – “Nephi and his brothers walked back to what
city to get the plates?” (Jerusalem)
 On the inside – “When we are obedient the Lord will guide us wherever we go.
Look for your next clue in the place where you keep your shoes.” (Closet)
Envelope #4
 On the outside of the envelope – “Who came to protect Nephi and Sam when
Laman and Lemuel were hitting them with sticks?” (An angel)
 On the inside – “When we are obedient the Lord will protect us. Look for your
next clue in the book that teaches us about angels.” (The scriptures)
Envelop #5:
 On the outside of the envelope: “How did Nephi’s parents feel when he brought
back the plates?” (Happy)
 On the inside – “Obedience makes us happy. Look in the place that keeps our
food cold and you will find a treat that will make your mouth happy!”


Kenna said...

I LOVE your blog! I have used it for several months now- probably the most we have had FHE because you ladies make it so easy and fun! Thanks for all the time you put into it and being willing to share!

Anisa said...

This looks really fun. We're going to try it tonight!!! Thanks for the great lesson ideas.

Lee and Alisha Whitifeld and Family said...

I still love your blog!! I love the new lay out too and that you now have a Blikie!! I have posted it on This idea looks so great. Since it is tuesday we are going to do it next week. Thanks for making FHE so much easier!

Karena said...

I love finding these blogs. I just created a similar blog,, and love having buttons to others so that we can all enjoy the blessings of great teaching opportunities with our children.

Carina said...

Thank you SOOOO much for these wonderful ideas. I am so thrilled about it!

The Mom said...

Did this one for my family tonight ... my girls loved it. They love treasure hunts so I knew it would be a hit. Thanks for sharing all your fun ideas!