Friday, July 11, 2008

I Love My Family

Gather pictures of your family and extended family.

“A Happy Family”

Discuss with your children some of the activities that you have done this week. Ask them if their activities were better when their family was involved.

Have each one of your children name a member of the family. Ask them if they are missing anyone else.

Pull out the pictures of your family and explain that grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are part of the bigger family unit. Sometimes, we are unable to live close to our families because they live far way or may have died. Regardless of how far waya we are from our families, they can still be our good friends and help us in times of need.

Read the scripture Luke 1:36-44. Tell the story about John the Baptist and how he is the cousin of Jesus Christ.

Often families gather together to celebrate special occasions. Heavenly Father and Jesus have given us the opportunity to gather together with our families forever. When we get married in the temple and live righteously, we can be with our families forever.

Take the family photos, place them wrong side up on the floor and have your children turn them over one at a time and guess who it is.

1-Make a scrapbook page of one of your children’s favorite activities you have done as a family and put it in a place they can all see it.
2-Go to a hobby store and get a wooden house. Have your children help you modge podge various family photos over the wooden house to create a living scrapbook that can be displayed in your home.

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